The book "Angels drink milk" about social problems of our time is being prepared for release on Amazon !!!

Dear friends! I am glad to present you an excerpt from the first book of the "Angels Drink Milk" series entitled  "The Country of morning freshness". In general, the books in the series tell about the life of a Korean girl who is striving to make a career as a fertility specialist. The busy life of the heroine is full of discoveries, adventures, and finding herself. The main character's goal is to help many infertile couples find the happiness of parenting on their own. Jin Ho becomes a super professional in his field and makes amazing discoveries in the medical field. The first part of the book is largely devoted to the history of South Korea, the mentality of oriental people, education in Korea and the formation of the young heroine as a person! The release of the first part of the book on Amazon is coming soon! Follow the news!". In general, the books in the series tell about the life of a Korean girl who is striving to make a career as a fertility specialist. The busy life of the heroine is full of discoveries, adventures, and finding herself. The main character's goal is to help many infertile couples find the happiness of parenting. Jin Ho becomes a super professional in his field and makes amazing discoveries in the medical field. The first part of the book is largely devoted to the history of South Korea, the mentality of oriental people, education in Korea and the formation of the young heroine as a person! The release of the first part of the book on Amazon is coming soon! Follow the news!



The book you read is written with love and trepidation and its main message is directed to thousands of childless couples who are at a crossroads and are suffering to overcome their childlessness and to not give up.

I would be happy if at least ten, twenty, thirty of these families on reading this novel will decide to take a step forward, learn about the capabilities of modern technologies and become the best parents for their children. After all, many simply do nothing for many years, hoping for a miracle, thus loosing time. But age, especially for women, is the main factor deciding the possibility of having children, and the probability of getting pregnant decreases at a tremendous rate with every lost year, day, minute, and second.

I personally have been overcoming the problem of childlessness for many years. Although I have never been a citizen of South Korea, I was helped by "magicians" of this country of Morning Freshness: they did everything possible to treat the difficult diagnoses and they helped me win. Now I have a daughter, my Princess, my beloved baby, who may be labeled with "Made in Korea".

Please, do not view the novel as an advertisement of South Korean medical care. No wayit is so! This country was chosen as the scene of action only in tribute to its undoubted leadership in many spheres, such as robotics, industry, education, science. Of course, we should pay tribute to the honesty, openness and hard work of ordinary Korean citizens.

I would also like to ask the specialists in medicine, Oriental studies, history, and religious studies not to judge the text too strictly. Unfortunately, I am yet not an expert in these areas, and all references to places, technologies, and historical circumstances are not devoid of fiction. However, enough time has been given to be most accurate to actual methods of childlessness treatment. The main goal of the novel is to show the social side of infertility, which is a scourge of the modern society and affects the entire human culture, demographic and political interests of countries. The problem of infertility is not tied to nationality, religion, race, blood type, HIV status and political views: it is impersonal, and thousands of people are facing it now. After all, some people cannot see the point of living without the continuation of their bloodline!

And it doesn't even matter where the person lives: in a megalopolis or a remote village. Unfortunately, the statistics on childlessness are getting worse every year. In many countries of the world the death rate per year is much higher than the birth rate, and entire regions are dying out. I urge people not to blame their relatives, friends, acquaintances who suffer from infertility, not to ask inconvenient questions about children, but to work together to help them solve this problem in a civilized manner and overcome the disease. After all, only united we stand, aren't we?

From the bottom of my heart, I express my deep gratitude and bow low to the best doctor, employees, coordinators of the clinic, who helped my family to obtain Happiness and child's laughter in our home!

I would like to express my gratitude to the Korean doctors for working on the most difficult situations, for not being afraid of diagnoses and trying to make happy the couples who couldn't be helped in their home countries, and who gave up on parenthood. The result of your work is thousands of Angels who drink milk and make happy their loved ones. The novel is not autobiographical, but my personal story is reflected in many of the characters' stories. I sincerely wish all readers to hear the magic words again and again: "You are pregnant! You will have a child!"

All the characters and proper names in the book are fictional, and any coincidences are random.



he girl stood and gazed at the pond and the flowers floating on the water surface. These were adorable, fragrant, multicolored lotus flowers. It was July, and in this amazing blooming oasis located in the middle of a busy city with population of millions, visitors felt the nice and cool. The girl was only five years old, she fixed her gaze upon the largest flower floating in the small pond of muddy water. The flower was of a delicate cream color inside with peculiar pink and lilac petals and it cheekily peeked out of the water.

The beautiful lotus, or the "divine flower", blooms in the daytime, and the fragrance is the strongest at dawn, when the sun is just still beyond the horizon and dew shimmers on the tender petals of the bud that has opened. The Lotus fragrance has recognizable rich fresh, floral notes, which makes smelling it an unforgettable experience. This flower attracted the pure soul of a child with its beauty. If only she knew that with the sunset, the bud would close and merge with the murky water around it, and the forces of darkness would tempt it to go over to their side all night long. But if this lotus flower is persistent, spiritually pure and ambitious, it would surely wake up from the darkness at dawn and be reborn by the sunlight and will please with its appearance the temple visitors.

Looking at the fragile flowers, you can't help but think about something eternal, about your destiny and ambitions that were still unclear to herself. Which were just beginning as a tiny sprout in the soul of a little girl with a slanted squint in her eyes.

The girls meditation near the pond was disturbed by a dragonfly that landed without asking on the creamy-lilac petal of the flower and bulged its eyes at the girl. Almost immediately she heard her mother's voice: "Sunny, where are you? Let's go to the temple!" The girl lowered her head and obediently went to where the voice came from. With mother they visited the statue of great and all-mighty Buddha "her teacher and mentor. It was Sunday, and Bongeunsa Temple was as usual full of visitors. There were traditionally many religious people in Seoul.



er name was Kim Jin Ho[1], and she was descended from an ancient Korean clan of Kim from Gyeongju[2], rising in the male line, but her family was of middle-class and in the Korean bon-gnaw[3]system also occupied a middle position. Therefore, her parents had to work hard to earn for a decent living: her father worked as a senior specialist in the engineering Department in one of the divisions of the company "Samsung «in Seoul, her mother played piano in the city Symphony orchestra. Both parents were well educated: his father graduated from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, specialty "Electrical engineering and computer science" in 1979 and in the same year her mother graduated from Korea National University of Arts majoring in instrumental music and piano. However, the income of their well-educated family leaved much to be desired, which forced the father to constantly work late in order to have high indicators in the rating of employees, he even went to work on weekends. The mother gave private lessons at the local music school and taught her students the art of playing the piano.

Jin Ho was born in 1980, in the years when the "Korean economic miracle" had already gained such momentum that in the world Korea was now considered a developed, not a developing country. Large holding companies, such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Lotte, won a place in the sun among world's companies, and the standard of living of the population grew steadily and citizens who studied and worked could easily afford themselves and their family to have household appliances and even a personal computer.

The girl's name translated from Korean meant "precious lake «and the little girl grew up very beautiful and she charmingly squinted her brown eyes as if realizing that she was a beauty. Her parents and family friends would not refuse her anything. Jin Ho knew that she was everyone's favorite, so she often took advantage of it, and was even cranky. Her parents loved her dearly and indulged her everything. She was used to getting what she wanted by any means: tantrums, coquetry, crying, and of course she was a little spoiled. Plus, the endless indulgences of the daughter were supported by grandparents, who often helped to look after her.

 Everything changed when Jin Ho went to nursery and for the first time got into a big group. Here she had to take into account the opinions of other children and, moreover, respect the teacher, since the reverence for teachers in South Korea is laid from the very young years. The girl was at first scared of such a large group, she often cried, but soon made friends with almost all the kids and realized that here she would not be offended, but on the contrary, it is much more fun to play and learn together.

One incident that happened to her in kindergarten, Jin Ho remembered for all her life and it became a lesson to her. A girl in kindergarten had a very beautiful doll with beautiful long white hair and impressive lashes and sky blue eyes. Jin Ho liked the doll and as far as she was a spoiled kid she decided that her friend will definitely give it to her.

"Give me that doll home?" the girl demanded.

"No, this is my favorite doll, my mother gave it to me!"the little girl flatly refused and pushed Jin Ho away.

Before leaving the bus to take the children home, Jin Ho surreptitiously took the doll from the girl and put it in her small purse she just took it to play for the evening, as she thought. She didn't know that the doll's owner had been crying all evening when she discovered that her favorite doll was missing. That evening Jin Ho's mother noticed a new beautiful toy in her daughter's hands, asked where it was from, and immediately understood everything… For the first time, mother raised her voice, frowned and looked sad. It was the first time she had spoken to her seriously, in a grown-up way:

"Daughter, I can forgive you for this, but you must understand that a true Korean woman will never steal someone else's thing. You don't take steal from home, do you?"

"I don't," the daughter said, lowering her eyes, and began to cry.

"Think of the kindergarten as your home from now on. You don't want another kid to take your toy without asking, do you?" the mother was strict and unyielding.

The girl first began to cry, but heeded the serious and reasonable tone of her mother and understood everything; she did not want another child to take her favorite toy without asking! She felt ashamed… The next day, in front of all the children, Jin Ho returned the doll to its owner, sincerely apologized and said that she would never do it again in her life.

In general, the girl already showed excellent learning abilities and grasped everything the teachers said in kindergarten, was obedient, and sought to learn new things. She was the first to learn the Korean alphabet, and the first to master simple and more complex phrases in her native language in "Hangul"[4], she easily counted numbers, memorized the plots of Korean fairy tales and learned poems, so she was a favorite student of teachers. In addition to her native Korean, she was good at English, and even knew a few songs in English. In addition, Jin Ho was happy to help other children learn, was an example for kids and the soul of their small team.


[1]              That name can be translated as "precious lake".

[2]              Gyeongjuis a city in the South-East of Korean peninsula and it was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (7th and 9th centuries).

[3]              Bon-swan is the concept of clan in Korea, which is used to distinguish clans that happen to share a same family name (clan name).

[4]Hangul is Korean alphabet, used in South Korea and in North Korea,it was invented by King Sejong the Great in 1443 to write the Korean language.

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