A little bit about my Motherhood history.

 Today, in my blog, I would like to share My most intimate-personal story of the happiness of motherhood! Yes, my first daughter is growing up with the "Made in Korea" label, and I'm proud of it! It's hard to imagine what would have happened now if I hadn't taken a single step and gone to Seoul 3 years ago...I wish you all the Happiness of being a Parent! 👐❤❤❤

(Excerpt taken from my book" Angels drink milk " in artistic processing).

"Dear girls, women, their husbands and all sympathetic relatives! These words I want to dedicate to all those who are desperate in the hope of realizing their cherished dream to get pregnant and give birth to a child, to all those who think that they will never experience the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood.

The fact is that my husband and I also thought so, we were desperate, we cried, gave up, calculated the cost of a surrogate mother and realized that we did not have enough funds to pay for her services…One fine day, we accidentally found information on the Internet about the South Korean clinic "Women Fertility Center".

If you say that we were catching the clinic like a drowning man catching at a straw then it would be an understatement! We decided that it worth a try, so we tried. Let the trip to the South Korean doctors be the last chance to replenish our family. "If not they, then who?" I asked myself this question before the trip, and, to be honest, in my heart, I did not believe in success. In addition, we went to a risky and expensive enterprise in order to examine and find out the causes of my infertility, since in Russia doctors refused me and threw up their hands or worked me for money. We went on a summer vacation, contacted the coordinator, Regina, took our tickets and flew into the unknown; into the future (we have a time zone difference with Korea of +6 hours).

From that wonderful moment, I call this country the land of Storks, where Angels (doctors and their assistants) live, who supplies these storks with magic bags, some pink, and some blue!

I will not write here my diagnoses, I think each of us will have a lot of them and they are all known to the point of heartache. I will only say that my situation is not the worst: Korean magicians take on even such "hopeless" girls and their husbands, who have long been abandoned in Russia or offered to look for donors. We planned everything to the maximum: both the examination and the IVF at the same time. And it was a very difficult path. There were more health problems than we initially thought, and we had to plan a complicated operation immediately during the puncture. Such a "vacation" I would not wish on any of my colleagues: a very difficult operation, many tears dropped, emotions high, a struggle for cells and embryos… But the result of these actions exceeded expectations! Our wonderful Guardian Angel, doctor of the highest category, Kim Jin-Ho, made the most wise decisions and made my body as "ideal" as possible. She performed magic manipulations to improve the patency of the fallopian tubes! This is just a miracle, their patency has fully recovered after several months.

Of course, I would also like to express my gratitude to the embryologists who grew our strongest five cells, then planted two of them in the uterus. And of course, a huge thank you to all the coordinators, they were "mom and dad" in one person for us and gave the maximum mental strength for the patients. Unfortunately, it was not possible to transfer our babies immediately after the operation. At the end of our first visit to Korea, we flew home with great hope for a favorable outcome of the operation, and we prayed to God for our cells, which were bound to wait and be defrosted.

 How she leans over to me and motherly says: "Don't worry! Everything will be fine!"

I didn't have to wait long for the second arrival, and after three and a half months I flew to my country of Storks for my children with a sinking heart and hope for a miracle.

Preparing for the cryoprotocol was quick and easy, and I, realizing that it would not hurt anymore, walked with a completely different mood through the amazing, golden-red autumn parks and busy streets of Seoul.

"My little ones" were defrosted successfully; it was decided to transfer two, for good luck. A moment of excitement, a kind smile from the doctor, and now my treasures are in my tummy! Surprise, delight, anxiety, worry – all the feelings I experienced that week before the HCG analysis cannot even be described. I will say one thing, somewhere in the depths of my soul I knew that everything would work out, and of course I prayed strongly to all the Gods!

When coordinator Regina on the phone happily said to me: «Congratulations! You are pregnant», I thought that I would faint from a sudden happiness and the realization that now, just that day. I became a Mother to very tiny creatures inside me, at the same time I wanted to laugh and to cry! Judging by the analysis figures, both babies have successfully adapted and developed. The doctor, of course, warned me about the difficulty of carrying a multiple pregnancy and asked me to monitor everything.

When I took off over from my country of Storks and good wizards, I looked down in fascination and dreamed: «We will definitely return here as a family very soon!" I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying «See you soon!»

P.S. a Quick ultrasound confirmed that both cells had taken root, and for the first time in my life I saw on the screen the transparent but beating hearts of my babies. Now there is a difficult time for gestating our precious hopes, we are fighting for their well-being and birth on time, but this is a completely different story!"


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