Merry Christmas and happy New year 2021!!!


 A real miracle happened in our family! For Christmas and New year 2021, we are waiting for a real gift from Santa Claus - the birth of a second daughter, conceived naturally! Which once again confirms that you should never give up and stop, despite many problems and medical diagnoses. Believe in yourself and try to fight with ailments to the last and then the most gentle and affectionate Happiness will come to You. In connection with this wonderful event, I am taking a short time out of blogging, but I promise that the most exciting continuation of the novel about the life and work of Korean doctor Kim Jin Ho "Angels drink milk" will be issued and published on Amazon in January, as soon as we are discharged from the hospital with the baby! I remind you that I will send a Gift copy of the book to the December subscribers of the My blog absolutely by email! Hurry up to subscribe! Happy New year and Christmas! Good health to all!

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The end part in my book series!!

    Dear readers! I've released a new part of my book series! The third book is called  "Angels drink Milk. The end!"