What first amazes a foreigner in Seoul? A few amazing facts about South Korea.

 What first amazes a foreigner in Seoul? It is that there is no theft at all! And this is not due to the rapid development of technical means of video fixation. Koreans are instilled since childhood that they mustn't take other people's things. One can safely leave their valuable bags or suitcases in the lobby of a house, bus shop or even just on the street, be sure that whenever you return "your things wil be there untouched!

In the design of modern streets, parks, and public places of modern Korean cities they use expensive technical devices, design elements, flowers, and paintings; every Korean treats the public domain with respect and care as is it was their personal thing. They'll do their best not only not to break or spoil something, but also to increase the beauty created. They are thinking about they'll leave to the next generations. It is surprising to see such respect of citizens for other people's or public property, given the somewhat different opinion of foreign guests.

Also, foreigners are often taken aback by another feature of Korean mentality: no envy for the success of relatives, colleagues, businessmen or government servants. In Korean society, it is customary to show only greater respect for the obvious superiority of an acquaintance or interlocutor and to strive, if not to achieve the same success, but to at least become one step closer to it. In this case, a Korean asks himself a single question: "What do I need to change in my life to achieve the same or greater success?" Moreover there are many legitimate ways to achieve success through self-development in the modern world: good education, career advancement, entrepreneurial talents and, of course, working. In general, Koreans are very hardworking people "for the sake of achieving their goals, they are willing to work for 10-12 hours a day and even often go to work on weekends. It was part of their culture since ancient times.

In addition to the above-mentioned features of the Korean mentality, most of Koreans are incorruptible and honest. They just aren't trained to cheat! You can trust a Korean as yourself, especially when it comes to the quality of goods or services, health, prices, business and time. If a Korean has promised to do something, do not doubt, he will definitely do it on time, in the right amount and the best quality! If you accidentally mix up the denomination of a note in a market and leave, forgetting your change, a Korean will certainly catch up with you and return the money you. Of course, given their incorruptible honesty, they also expect the same from their partners, so if you decide to deceive a Korean and the deception is revealed "do not expect good relations in the future. It is also worth mentioning such a feature of the Eastern character as team spirit and mutual support. Koreans are very responsive peopleand this applies to any life situation, starting from everyday issues and ending with financial ones. Probably, the wisdom of that Eastern people lay in these four components celebrated even in the most ancient writings: kindness, honesty, hard work and readiness to help.

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