About education in South Korea.



f talk about education in South Korea as a whole, it is worth mentioning that teachers have a huge role to play: they do not only give knowledge on the subject, but they are also in some way spiritual mentors. Since ancient times, the profession of a teacher was a revered and respected one here. No wonder the ancient Korean proverb says: "Teacher, Sire, and Father are all the same!" In the old Korean villages, school teachers were the embodiment of the wisdom of generations and it was with them that hopes for a "better educated future were pinned.

In modern Korean educational institutions the attitude towards teachers has only grown stronger. Strict discipline is always observed in the classroom, and children obey their teachers implicitly, often doing additional tasks. Even adult Koreans are sure to pay due respect to teachers and University professors, greeting them with a bow. Foreigners are surprised to see a Korean official or a big businessman bowing and respectfully listening to a high school Professor, forgetting about their business and even the level of their earnings. It is not surprising that even today in Korea, getting a diploma of higher teacher education is the dream of many young people, which guarantees if not the highest salary, then a certain degree of honor and respect in society.

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