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   Dear readers, I continue to introduce you to excerpts from my book "Angels drink milk". 

  Coming home late, the young doctor felt certain loneliness as no one was waiting for her, the apartment was too empty. After all, she was used to living with a family where caring mother, loving father and brother were waiting at home, or in a noisy student dormitory with chatty neighbors. And now she was responsible for her own modest home, health, and life. The loneliness and emptiness of the rented apartment troubled and frightened her. Once, walking in the evening in Seoul on her only day off, Jin-Ho wandered into the cat cafe, where it was allowed to pet the animals. 

Pleasant memories surfaced in her memory. She suddenly remembered a meeting in a similar cafe with a sweet-hearted friend of Gi-Hyun many years ago, at which they childishly confessed their love for each other and officially began counting down the dating days. Jin-Ho smiled to herself, her heart skipping a beat. The girl called the waiter and asked:

    "Dear friend, is it possible to take a cat from your cafe upon signing a contract of proper care?"she knew that many cafes acted as a temporary shelter for homeless animals, of course, have passed all veterinary treatment and vaccinations. Visitors could take their Pets home permanently or for a trial period.

    "Yes, most of the animals can be registered under a contract and taken home first for a trial period, and then permanently," replied the smiling young man.

    "I would like to take the oldest cat of all, it is possible with health problems or a disabled one."

    The young man was very surprised by this desire of the client. Usually, if clients wanted to take an animal, then they certainly took a young, healthy one, or even better, a kitten to raise the way they want. Elderly animals with health problems usually stayed in a cat shelter or other shelters "for life" and no one was interested in them. Maybe these cats even understood this and, despite the abundance of food and care, became sluggish, apathetic, not interested in life. As if they know that no one would love them and would never take them home. Cats, they say, also have souls…

    "Are you sure you want to take an elderly cat? After all, they can only live a few years?" the waiter looked at her in surprise.

    "Yes, I want just such a cat. I am ready to give her everything she needs!"Jin-Ho replied.

    "We have several such kitties. He pointed to the cat in the farthest corner, who was curled up on the highest shelf, looking at the wall. "This is Mika, she is about 10 years old, was caught on the outskirts of Seoul, constantly kittled, emaciated, wild. Now it is sterile, socially adapted, but still does not trust people too much.

"And are there other elderly cats or sick kittens?"

"There are, look at the blue padded sofa near the bar, there is a ginger and white cat lying there,"the guy brought her as close as possible, so as not to scare the cat.

Jin-Ho could barely see the small cat in the corner of the couch.

"This is Sally, and she's been through a lot. She is twelve years old, was pulled out of a sewer manhole, where she fell accidentally. She is blind, most likely from birth her eyes were damaged by a severe infection. Therefore, she is practically not available to clients…Our good SEO took it out of pity. Sally has sharpened hearing, she is perfectly oriented in space, finds her pot and will not cause problems in everyday life. The cat has a good health and will be affectionate with anyone who loves her.

"Can you ask the owner if he can give me Sally?"Jin-Ho asked.

"Are you sure? Would you like to meet her first?"

"Yes, of course."

Jin-Ho and the young waiter came within arm's reach of the cat. She seemed to sense the approach of people and stretched its muzzle to meet them. One eye was removed, and the other did not see anything, but the cat knew with intuition that someone had come to her with good news. She carefully sniffed the girl's hand, which was stretched to her,and began to purr softly, like all happy cats do. Her fur was surprisingly soft and silky, and the cat exuded a sense of incredible tenderness and homely warmth. She didn't look at all like a wild cat in the yard. The waiter looked surprised:

"I've never heard Sally purr. She definitely likes you!"

The decision was made instantly. Just a few days after work, Jin-Ho hurried to the pet store to buy the best litter, play rack, bowls, food and everything necessary for her cat, Sally. By nine o'clock in the evening, they were home. Probably, this decision to take a lonely, old, sick cat to her home was fateful. Only people with a big Heart can do such things. One of the friends, having learned about the new pet of Jin-Ho and her story, asked in surprise:

"Why do you need an old sick cat? She won't live long, will she?"

"You know, she may live a very short time, but she will not need anything and will be loved! Sally deserves it."

Meanwhile, the ginger-white cat blossomed with the owner's love. Literally a month later, there was no trace of the old and sick cat she used to be: a "young" kitten was jumping around the owner, begging for more food, mewing loudly. This "duchess" rubbed against the owner's legs and even chased toy mice around the floor. How did she do it blindly? About this cat you could write a scientific study about how love and care affect the life span and health of animals. But no science can explain this: such relationships need to be felt personally, not read about! People, like animals, also flourish from love and care, so please tell your loved ones more often that you love them!

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