George Washington Manor Walk

        Dear readers, I continue to introduce you to excerpts from my book "Angels drink milk". 

The old estate was located on a high hill on the banks of the Potomac River, a medium-wide river but deep enough for cruise ships to navigate. Chatting cheerfully, the young people reached the top of the hill and the entrance to the beautiful white stone building designed in the colonial style. It turned out that inside the building was wooden, and the outside was just plastered to look like stone, the estate looked huge. The peculiar dome of the building, which looked like a lantern from a distance, served as an additional source of light and attracted attention. The crowd of tourists who wanted to get into the house did not seem so large against the backdrop of the majestic structure, but it was not so: there were plenty of whose who wanted to visit the "House of the first President" on this weekend.

 Kevin went up to the administrator, had a quick conversation with him, and took the girl by the hand, leading her past the line to the ticket office directly into the inner halls of the estate. "Is he that influential?" Jin Ho wondered to herself. The interior decoration of the estate was surprising with its stern delicacy. It seemed that the former estate owners,the members of Washington's family, friends and relatives, were not deprived a good taste. Long but spacious halls, high ceilings, and small rooms were mostly furnished with beautiful wood furniture with delicate inlaid. The main decoration of the master's office was a high bureau, skillfully made of precious woods, as well as an impressive collection of books, ranging from the scientific works of Herodotus, ending with "The Beggar's Opera" by John gray. What surprised the eye was the guest room, decorated in soft-blue color, a large fireplace looked "hidden" in the wall, as if it was specially made for hanging Christmas socks for gifts. There was no excessive luxury in the rooms, and Jin Ho wonder why? Either the owners really did not chase after posh knickknacks, or relatives hurried to remove the valuables before the estate was turned into a museum. Jin Ho was interested in everything, but it was forbidden to photo and video inside the estate. Having gone out of the stuffy estate, the couple hurried to take a walk in the park that was situated on the hill around the house. The wind ruffled the curls on Kevin's head, and he was clearly in high spirits.

"It's beautiful here, isn't it?" he asked.

"Yes, everything is so trimmed here, and the air is fresh!" said the girl.

The air smelled of new leaves and was intoxicating. Not far from the alley path a wide stump was visible, most likely it was an old tree that had been cut down several years ago. Suddenly, Kevin pulled Jin Ho's hand toward the tree stump: "Come with me!" When they reached it, Kevin climbed up on a tree stump and began to recite the verse aloud:

The Robin is the One

That interrupt the Morn

With hurried — few—express Reports

When March is scarcely on —

The Robin is the One

That overflow the Noon

With her cherubic quantity—

An April but begun—

The Robin is the One

That speechless from her Nest

Submit that Home—and Certainty

And Sanctity, are best.

Jin Ho laughed and began to applaud, her heart pounding in the chest. Was this posh man really interested in her? But deep down, she didn't trust him.

"You're gorgeous! Did you write it yourself?"

"No, I didn't, unfortunately. This is Emily Dickinson, American poet. Although sometimes after a bottle of brandy and I have poetic urges!" Kevin boasted.

"It would be very interesting to hear something of your poems," cheerful Jin Ho said indiscreetly. Perhaps the wind in the park made her dizzy.

"I will certainly try to arrange it for you," the man replied.

They walked in the Park for a while, then, tired but happy, went down to their car in the Parking lot. Kevin behaved very nobly towards his companion: he obligingly opened the car door, supported her on the stairs, looked into her eyes with a completely innocent look, and smiled broadly. It seemed that he was sincerely attracted and wanted to get to know the girl from all sides, and not just to admire her appearance. It was alluring. That evening they parted innocently at the stone barrier that separated the campus from the bustling city. 

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