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Meanwhile, the relationship between Jin Ho and her chosen man, Gi Hyun, was gaining momentum. Declaring each other a couple just "for fun" a year and a half ago without realizing they celebrated 100, 200, and even 400 days together. It is customary for South Korean lovers to symbolically celebrate these dates of time spent together. Young people were drawn to each other, shyness and childish flippancy slowly giving way to deep affection, respect and of course passion. Like all young people in their twenties, they were drawn to explore the unknown, to find those threads that would lead not only to spiritual, but also to physical satisfaction. Jin Ho's parents knew that she had a boyfriend, but they did not hasten their daughter to introduce him to them and get married. The mother reminded her several times:

"My dear girl, I know that in your heart you want to become an adult as soon as possible and start a family, but you also have to understand how much work and investment we give your studies, how much you yourself strive to get the best education. Therefore, it is not yet time to think about creating family. You should be friends with that boy, but do not forget that to graduate University is above all and… If you decide to move to a more intimate relationship, do not forget about the means of contraception. Well, what am I supposed to teach you, since you are an expert in this field yourself?"

"Mummy! I know everything, don't worry, I won't let you and daddy down and I will definitely finish my master's degree. I don't want to get married before I graduate."

The mother hugged her child tightly: she was already an adult for everyone else, but to her she was still the same little Princess with the angelic face that she had given birth to so many years ago.

Gi Hyun, by virtue of his natural modesty, was not particularly persistent. However, he had already obtained Jin Ho's kisses more than once. Mostly they were more friendly than passionate, but one day, they both felt such an attraction to each other that each intuitively understood that it was time to move to a new level of relationship. Although South Korea is largely a country with patriarchal traditions and even 100 years ago sexual relations before marriage (especially for girls) were considered the highest degree of debauchery and disgrace, in modern society, traditions were greatly weakened. This is due not so much to the influence of the West and the "sexual revolutions" as to the new requirements and trends of rapid economic development of the country. As a result of increased requirements for education, qualifications, well-being, the age when a person could begin working and move from parents had increased, older average age of beginning sexual life, marriage, and birth of children followed the trend. However, nature cannot be deceived, and most young people are attracted to each other before they are "mature" for marriage and cohabitation.

At the end of one fall school week Gi Hyun called his girlfriend and suggested that they go hiking for the weekend in the mountains Taebaeksan in Seoraksan National Park. This is one of the most famous and beautiful parks in South Korea, located between four cities Gosang, Sokcho, Inje and Yangyang and included in the UNESCO world heritage Fund. One side of the Park is washed by the magnificent Eastern Sea when the other rests on the enormous and beautiful mountain peaks. Its area is 373 square kilometers. Koreans consider the mountains their national heritage, and they take the utmost care to protect and preserve their ecological and historical culture.

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