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 Dear readers, I continue to introduce you to excerpts from my book "Angels drink milk". This chapter focuses on the fashion industry for facial plastic surgery in South Korea.

Over the past few decades the world of Korean fashion has undergone drastic changes. Modern Korean girls believe that it is not enough to simply sew a fancy hanbok[1] for the holiday and beautifully braid hair with flowers. They need something more, radical changes in appearance! Strangely enough, despite the unique features of the Asian type of face, the amazing, cute distinctive features of an Oriental person many young Koreans are dissatisfied with the shape of their eyes, noses, cheekbones and all their adult life they strive to change it. Fortunately, the technical capabilities and specialized personnel of modern Korean plastic surgery clinics allow you to do almost anything with your face and body, so citizens and foreigners actively use these services.

Jin Ho was also not entirely happy when she looked at herself in the mirror…

"What do you dream of, our delight? What kind of gift do you want to celebrate graduating from high school and entering University?" mother asked her beloved daughter.

"Mom, please, don't get me wrong! I dream of rhinoplasty eye plastic surgery… I want my eyes to look a little bigger, and I also want to remove a little bit here and here," Jin Ho looked critically at herself in the mirror.

Her mother sighed, but she didn't show her unwillingness, because it seemed to her that her daughter was already perfect and beautiful.

"My little girl, are you sure you won't regret this choice later? After all, there will be nothing to bring back!"

"Don't worry, mom, I will change only "problem" areas just a little bit so that it looks better. Now all the girls do this, look at the Korean fashion shows! Almost all my classmates have already undergone plastic surgery."

"Well, find out at the clinic about the cost, dad and I will pay for the operation. We just need to make sure that you don't have any contraindications for this procedure!"

The delighted daughter threw herself on her mother's neck, she did not even expect that her mother's quick agreement to such a "gift". Although this was not surprising: today in Korea there the industry of plastic surgery of any body parts is widespread, mainly Koreans want to change facial features. Of course, most of the time it's just small maneuvers, improvements, so to speak. Giving certificates to "beauty clinics" is acceptable for both young people and older people, and even for the elderly, regardless of gender "this is considered an excellent gift, since any person can find in their body a "flaw", which they want to correct by means of plastic surgery. It may seem surprising in other countries, but Koreans do not hide the fact of visiting the clinic and even brag about it to their friends. In turn, relatives, colleagues, and friends usually look at the results of surgeons' work with delight and loudly congratulate the person with "newly made" face.

A few weeks later, Jin Ho popped out of one of the plastic surgery clinics, excited about her new appearance. From the outside it seemed that her eyes began to look larger, the skin folds were removed through the bridge of the nose, and the shape of the nose was slightly changed. The face as a whole seemed to become more fragile and tiny, which is very revered among Korean women. It would be hard to say that the girl had become more beautiful, rather against the background of a new appearance, the Oriental charm given to her by nature has been lost a little. But overall Jin Ho looked no worse than before, just a little different. Her friends and colleagues at the University didn't even recognize her at first:

"Jin Ho, is that you? Have you decided to go ahead with plastic surgery?"

"Yes, but just a little bit."

"Your new nose and eyes, they're beautiful! Congratulations! We should celebrate this."

"Yeah, we should, I invite everyone to the cafe after class," Jin Ho was proud, overwhelmed with emotion and felt special.

In the evening, their cheerful group of first-year students went to congratulate their friend, and celebrate the change in her appearance, as it seemed to them, for the better. As they say, each epoch has its own fashion!

[1] Hanbok is the national traditional costume of the people of Korea. Traditional women's hanbok consists of a Jeogori, a blouse, shirt or jacket, and a cohima, a long skirt.

About education in South Korea.



f talk about education in South Korea as a whole, it is worth mentioning that teachers have a huge role to play: they do not only give knowledge on the subject, but they are also in some way spiritual mentors. Since ancient times, the profession of a teacher was a revered and respected one here. No wonder the ancient Korean proverb says: "Teacher, Sire, and Father are all the same!" In the old Korean villages, school teachers were the embodiment of the wisdom of generations and it was with them that hopes for a "better educated future were pinned.

In modern Korean educational institutions the attitude towards teachers has only grown stronger. Strict discipline is always observed in the classroom, and children obey their teachers implicitly, often doing additional tasks. Even adult Koreans are sure to pay due respect to teachers and University professors, greeting them with a bow. Foreigners are surprised to see a Korean official or a big businessman bowing and respectfully listening to a high school Professor, forgetting about their business and even the level of their earnings. It is not surprising that even today in Korea, getting a diploma of higher teacher education is the dream of many young people, which guarantees if not the highest salary, then a certain degree of honor and respect in society.

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