Travel notes about Korea Seoraksan National Park from the recently published part of my book

 From the recently published part of my book "The First after God"

The sun was already high when the travelers left their shelter, and the weather in the mountains was changeable. Clouds of mist, white as milk, were covering the mountainsides. According to the program, they had to go down Ulsanbawi on its another slope and after passing through a small valley, climb up again to visit a secret cave, where Buddhist rites were sometimes performed. The cave was located almost in the middle of the vertical mountain slope, to where they also had to climb from the observation platform. The climb on the slope was long and difficult, Jin Ho was willing to go anywhere in the world with her beloved, but when she overcame the "thousandth" step she was completely exhausted. Gi Hyun even wanted to carry her in his arms, but it was not safe thing to do on such a narrow staircase. To cheer up the couple the old man began to tell them the fabulous legend of the appearance of mount Ulsanbawi in the Park Seoraksan.

Mount Ulsanbawi was born in the South-East of South Korea in the city of Ulsan. After the Kumgang Mount was born, Ulsanbawi went to visit it as a representative of Ulsan city at a large festival that was on the territory that now belongs to North Korea. But there was no available space for such a large mountain, and Ulsanbawi, frustrated, went back to the South to seek shelter. For the Mountain the journey was long and hard, but one cool evening it decided to take a break in a region it had never been to before. That land was called Seorak, and it was so beautiful and majestically calm that the mountain decided that it would not find a better place. So fate had willed Ulsanbawi to remain in these lands forever."

When they reached the cave, the sun was already at its zenith. The view from there was indescribably beautiful: on the right, the slopes were buried in verdure, and below was a stream with a microscopic bridge over it; on the left, the granite slopes of the neighboring mountains were whitish in the sun. Not far from the mouth of the cave, an old cedar tree grew directly on a cliff that sloped steeply down. It clung to the rock like a drowning man washed away by the downpours, trying not to fall down. By the way, such a dangerous and shaky location did not prevent the cedar from turning green and sprouting. This suggested that even the tree, seemingly in a hopeless situation, did not give up to fate, but lived and tried to give fruit. "Trees are not humans, but they also can think and dream," Jin Ho thought.

"AAH! Look, the view from here is like from an eagle's nest!" Gi Hyun shouted.

"Yes, it's scary, but it's incredibly beautiful," Jin Ho said.

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The end part in my book series!!

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