A new part in my book series!!

  Dear readers! I've released a new part of my book series! The third book is called "LIFE GOES ON FOREVER IN THE EYES OF OUR CHILDREN!" 

What is most important for a young lady: a happy and carefree personal life or a scientific career? Jin Ho is young and ambitious, she is studying for an internship in the United States, and there are many temptations on her life path: a rich American boyfriend who promises a "sky in diamonds", a contract for the production of nanorobots, world fame. She travels around America: Baltimore, Washington, Las Vegas, it seems that the bricks in the house called Happiness are stacked, but.... Reality brings you back to earth and makes you see the main goals and set priorities.

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How to heal organs at the nanoscale, the level of cells and mechanisms of exchange between them?

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