"Traditional" family system in Korea

   Dear readers, I continue to introduce you to excerpts from my book "Angels drink milk". 

        All these three days Jin-Ho thought about Ji-Min's situation, let it pass through her mind and was indignant and surprised at the cynicism and stupidity of the "traditional" family system in a developed and prosperous South Korea. Why is it that we are throwing away our own gene pool and giving our children abroad for adoption just because of medieval traditions and customs? Who in the modern world can decide the fate of a person born in an incomplete family? Why are single mothers in Korea significantly underprivileged in their rights compared to married women? Why hasn't the state developed a mechanism to support such families? There were a lot of questions running through her mind…

        All this, given a fact that South Korea ranks last in the world's birth rate, is simply incomprehensible. Such a short-sighted policy of the country's leaders is ruinous for the nation! According to the World Bank, the birth rate in Korea is now at the level of 1 child per woman, and for the survival of the nation, you need at least 2 children per woman, the percentage of marriages has also fallen sharply in recent decades. With such success, South Korea will soon become a branch of China in terms of the national composition of its population…Jin-Ho decided that it would be necessary to raise this issue in professional medical circles at conferences, to shame colleagues who perform abortions without direct medical and social prescriptions.

        With what contempt did she think of rich snobs who could so easily dispose of a daughter-in-law and a grandson from a simple family in purpose of personal ambition? All these days, Jin-Ho went to a Buddhist temple and asked the Higher powers to reason with people capable of such actions. 

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The end part in my book series!!

    Dear readers! I've released a new part of my book series! The third book is called  "Angels drink Milk. The end!"