How to heal organs at the nanoscale, the level of cells and mechanisms of exchange between them?

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ow to identify several out of the dozens of causes of infertility that determine the outcome in a particular pregnancy? How to get the body to give material and tune in for pregnancy? How to heal organs at the nanoscale, the level of cells and mechanisms of exchange between them? It's an art! Not every doctor destined to master it, but only the chosen ones, whose hands create the Divine beginning. In this difficult case, it is important to be a subtle psychologist, since the treatment of the body and soul are often closely interrelated.

    In the world medical practice, there are cases when, thanks to IVF technologies, women who are over sixty years old give birth, naturally, using donor material. This is an exception to the rule, of course, but isn't it an inspiring miracle? Once upon a time, even fifty years ago, some people believed in the power of healers and fortune tellers.

    And this miracle of new technologies is not the last: ahead there will be wars for the right to maximize genome editing, stem cell treatment, nanotechnology, experiments with the full growth of an embryo in an artificial uterus from the moment of conception to birth. Naturally, these processes will generate a lot of machinations in this field…Probably, even criminal ones. Perhaps these experiments will lead to a massive pandemic or the replacement of the human race with a "Superman" or something else. But I still want to believe in a positive outcome and in the wisdom of the powerful at the same time, researchers, doctors, and ordinary people who give consent to experiments with their biological material.

    After all, humanity in the twenty-first century simply has to go to a new stage of development. Although there is an opinion that childlessness is one of the ways of evolution, invented by nature itself, tired of the oppression of human exploitation of its resources. Maybe by leaving infertile some couples (who do not want to or for various reasons cannot  engage in health care and use the latest treatment technologies), nature thus gets rid of "excess" human material? For now, these questions, like many others, remain open to future generations…

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