Nobel Award Best of the Best

     Dear readers, I continue to introduce you to excerpts from my book "Angels drink milk". 

    It was her day, her success, the undeniable recognition of her own merits at the highest level. She was the first such young 35-year-old woman to receive the Nobel prize in medicine today! Only she, a modest doctor from Korea, was able to achieve such success, was not afraid of the unknown, and opened a new page in the history of nanosurgery, gynecology, and endocrinology. Years of hard work and scientific research were not in vain.

    Jin-Ho was incredibly self-conscious that day. She had to go to the center of the hall and receive the prize from the hands of the real king of Sweden, make a speech and pick up the symbols of the award – a gold medal with the image of the founder of the monetary prize, Alfred Nobel, and a diploma. It seemed to her that all this was happening not with her but with someone else, didn't believe that she and her service was at the highest level of honor and recognized by the international community. Her closest and closest people: her little son, husband, and parents were sitting in the first rows of the hall and were happy for their beloved mother and daughter! It is only thanks to their immense support and love that she was there, receiving this award. Finally, the host of the ceremony spoke loudly into the microphone:

    "On this momentous day, the tenth of December, all those present in the hall gathered for a reason. On the day of remembrance of the great scientist, inventor and just a generous person, Alfred Nobel, we are happy to welcome and celebrate the best among us, the winners of the most prestigious prize in the World. Today, you, dear prize winners, will receive not only a monetary award, but also the highest honors, applause, recognition and publicity. Although, I think that your achievements are already known to a lot of people, regardless of their place of residence and nationality! Immediately after the award ceremony, I would like to invite you to the beautiful city hall, where the Nobel dinner is waiting for you. And then we will go to the concert hall, where the symphony orchestra will play for you and your loved ones, and the best musicians and singers of Europe will perform!"

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The end part in my book series!!

    Dear readers! I've released a new part of my book series! The third book is called  "Angels drink Milk. The end!"